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Vacaville’s Imagine That! is proud to provide a robust catalog of programming, spanning from small drop-in events to week-long camps and ongoing clubs. To see our current schedule of events, click here for our calendar, and subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date on all that’s happening at Imagine That!  Take our survey to help us better meet your needs or improve classes you have attended.

*A note on Covid – As we meet in various locations, our teachers will continue to wear masks for the time being, and are vaccinated.  If you are meeting in one of our spaces, students are requested to wear masks.  If we are coming to you, students should follow your policies.


Mini-Mobile Labs

These shorter labs can come to you.  There is a minimum of 5 students and maximum of 25 with a flat rate of $100 for your group, plus mileage outside of Solano County.  Session length will depend on the number of students, but most small groups will take about 15-30 minutes.  Email to schedule a lab to come to you. 

Slime Making

Complete with a short lesson that builds math skills and introduces both color theory and chemistry (and a pop quiz on where NOT to play with it while at home), guests can make their own customized slime anytime.




Panning for Rocks or Fossils

Select a wooden or ceramic object to paint, or elect to make a modern art piece on paper with a staff member! From wooden planes, picture frames, and flower pots, there is something for everyone. With resistance tape, you may make an monogram of your name (or make it a gift with a friend’s name!) or tape interesting shapes down. Peel up your tape and marvel at your creations! 


Owl Pellet Dissections

We provide sterilized owl pellets, ready to be cracked into anytime! Learn about both owls and their prey as you find clues to their diets hidden in these little balls of fur.





Mobile Classes

These classes are perfect for a small class, accommodating groups of up to 30 at a time.  Most classes have a 30 minute demo portion and a 30 minute hands-on lab, but can be set in a 45 minute slot.  Classes are $250 for each session, plus mileage outside Solano County.  Class size is 3-20 students.  Email to schedule your class, or to learn more, including a description and standards met.

Simply STEAM


Class list:

  • Measuring with Molly Moose
  • What’s the Sense
  • How’s It Grow
  • What’s the Weather
  • It’s All Matter
  • Magnetic Magic



That's Life and Physics is Out Of This World


Class List:

  • Let’s Get Rolling
  • Do the Wave
  • Amazing Architecture
  • Elemental My Dear Watson
  • Touring the Solar System
  • Opposites Attract
  • It’s My Habitat
  • Weathering the Weather
  • Amazing Anatomy
  • Space Colony


Deep Dive

Middle and High School

Class List:

  • Kitchen Chemistry
  • Breaking the Cell
  • Deep Space
  • Roller Coaster
  • Dissection