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February Class List

All our classes are open to everyone, no matter what the location.  Please click on the link to register.  Regular weekday classes will not meet February 21-25 as we will be holding camp that week.  Class price for the month has been adjusted to account for that.

*Special Valentine’s Day Drop Off*  

If you are looking for something fun for your child while you celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are open for Drop-ins at Kairos Learning Center from 5-8 pm on Valentines Day.  We will have various science and art activities available, from candy science and heart dissection to perler beads and painting.  We can also help with homework.  $40

*Robots in Space Camp*

Camp meets 9 am-3 pm February 21-25 at Kairos Learning Center.  Students will design, create, and code robots, thinking about the challenges faced when designing robots to explore other planets.  Students will learn about the different places in the solar system we have robots, and what those robots do, as well as why we don’t have robots some of the other places.  $200

STEAM in the Ancient World – India and Persia

Each month students will explore myth, art, science, math and more in various ancient civilizations.  We will find each civilization on a timeline and a map to help place them.  This session covers the Vikings, India and Persia, Celts, Ancient Africa, and China and Japan.  Grades 1-2.

Tuesday 1:45-2:45 at Discovery Hub

Amazing Architecture

Each week we will explore a different feature of architecture and a famous structure or naturally created inspiration for each.  Our architects will then put their new knowledge to the test in designing and building their own structures.  Grades 1-2

Fridays 3:00-4:00 at Kairos Learning Center

Minecraft Math

Students will use concepts and story in Minecraft to help to explore math concepts.  Minecraft is the perfect vessel to explore geometry, patterns, data, and more.  Students will get some time to design with Legos to build their Minecraft world.  Grades 3-5

 Saturdays 4:00-5:00 at Kairos Learning Center

 Women in Science

Each week we will explore a different female scientists and the work they studied.  We’ll learn about women scientists from all over the world and all throughout history, and scientific concepts from astronomy to zoology and many things in between.  Grades 3-5

 Saturdays 5:00-6:00 at Kairos Learning Center


 Writing for Research

This class will introduce how to break down how to create a research paper.  We will choose topics, learn about sources and bibliographies, take notes, and discuss some of the different styles of writing, from MLA, APA, and Chicago, and the fields most likely to use each.  This class is designed to be an introduction to writing for high school.  It is highly recommended to sign up for the full two month session to complete your paper.  (We will not be meeting February 25th).  Grades 6-8

 Thursdays 4:00-5:00 at Kairos Learning Center

 Science of Science Fiction

Each month we will explore a different theme from science fiction while reading excerpts from some examples.  We will compare scientific knowledge with what we read to separate fact from fantasy and experiment with the themes we discuss.  We’ll cover space, oceanography, robots, time travel, and technology.  Grades 3-5

Fridays 2:00-3:00 at Kairos Learning Center

Authors Under the Microscope

 Join us as we read the books of Patricia Polocco.  We will analyze her works and note what we learn from her.  What is her writing and illustration style?  We will work on creating our own story in her style.  Grades 1-2

Thursdays 3:00-4:00 at Kairos Learning Center 

*A note of Covid policy:  Because we meet in multiple sites with multiple rules, for the immediate future our teachers will remain masked and are vaccinated.  We ask that students also remain masked.  Part of signing your child in at drop off is indicating that your child and household are free of covid and have not recently been exposed.

All classes are $20 per session or $60 for the month.  Email for more information.  Please see our club page for information on Dungeons and Dragons and Science Club or our mobile class page for information on bringing classes to your classroom or small group.  Grades are suggested based on content level, but students outside the age range are welcome if they can participate appropriately.