Imagine That Clubs


As Vacaville’s Imagine That steps away from leading classes, the Discovery Hub has offered to help us continue to run our clubs.  Monthly dues can be paid to their website.


Dungeons and Dragons

Each week we meet at Forgotten Path games from 3-5 on Wednesdays  (higher level characers) and 5-7 Saturdays to practice group storytelling.  We learn math skills as we roll our dice and practice empathy and team work as we role play and find ways to solve problems in our fantasy world.  For those interested in trying it out, we have premade character sheets.  Wednesdays club fees are paid to Forgotten Path games and each student is giving a small item for their gaming needs, from dice to minis. 


Robotics club has two options.  We meet Fridays at 1:30 at Discovery Hub and Thursdays at 3:30 at Kairos at 1241 Alamo.  Students design, build and code robots to complete different challenges.  They often create videos of the completed projects.