Happy World Water Day, and a belated world poetry day. I love celebrating poetry in March with Dr. Seuss and Read Across America. Our older students have been talking about Freestyle poetry, alliteration, rhyme, rhythm, and syllables. Our younger readers have been creating story arcs with Dr. Seuss and are working on their own rhyming story. My favorite activity for beginning readers is to create some rhyming fish out of colorful paper, put some paper clips on the end, and go fishing for rhymes with magnets.

As for World Water Day, what can we do? World Water Day is all about ground water and how not everyone has access to clean, healthy water. Next month, while we study conservation, we will be reading the Magic School Bus at the Water Works to learn about the water cycle and how we clean our water. While we read, we will actually be doing some cleaning of our own. Home Science Tools has a great method for creating a water filtration system. If you’d like to observe the water cycle, you can try growing a plant in a bottle to make a mini greenhouse. Place some rocks at the bottom of the bottle, add dirt on top, then plant a seed. Add a little water and tighten the lid. If you place the bottle somewhere sunny, you’ll see the water condense on the sides of the bottle. Make sure to open it every once in a while to circulate the air.

Another great way to think about the water we have on Earth is to model how little of it is actually usuable. If we used 100 pennies to represent Earth’s surface, 70 pennies would be the water and 30 would be the land. We can then divide those 70 pennies. 67 out of the 70 pennies would represent salt water. Two pennies would represent all the water frozen in icebergs, glaciers and more. Only one of those pennies represents the fresh water that isn’t frozen.

What ways do you celebrate water?