This past weekend was Johnny Appleseed’s birthday, so we’ve been reading about apples all month. We made a fun project with apples this week too. We created apple dolls, from the book The Apple Doll by Elisa Kleven. This is the story of a girl who is nervous to go to school. She brings an apple from her favorite tree, dressed up with a stick to make it a doll. But her sister reminds her the apple will rot, until her mother remembers how her grandmother made apple dolls. After sharing her doll at show and tell, she gets to teach her whole class how to make apple dolls.

She made the doll as we made ours. We started by peeling our apples. Then we used plastic knives and spoons to carve a face into our apples. The carved apples soaked in lemon juice and salt for at least thirty minutes, making sure all the apple was in the juice. This helps to keep bugs away and to keep it from turning brown. Finally, you want to let it dry. You can speed up the process by placing it in a warm oven or near a radiator, but you want warm air to be able to flow all around the apple. This means you will need to move your apple every once in a while, so that the part that is sitting on a ledge changes. Once your apple is dry, you can make it a body out of pipe cleaners or whatever creative tools you decide on.

We’ve got lots more fun things happening at the museum. This week we’ll read our last books about apples for September, and experiment with ways to keep apple from turning brown. We’ll test which fruits float and which sink. We have Dungeons and Dragons club Wednesday and Robotics club on Fridays. We’ve got a special treat, as a librarian from Town Square will be here for two separate story times to sign kids up for their own library card. And we’ll have a special drop in class this week on the Gold Rush. Finally, we’ll end this week carving open a brain on Saturday. Check out our calendar for more details and for the most up to date information about all our great activities.