This week, we held our first STEAM storytime. We are offering storytimes Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at 11. Each storytime will have a welcoming song, a story, a song or movement tie-in and a science or art themed activity.

This month we are reading the Questioneers by Andrea Beaty. These are stories about the intrepid second-graders in Miss Greer’s classroom. This week we met Ada Twist, the scientist. She is on the case, trying to crack the mystery of the terrible smell. To help her solve this mystery, she acts like any good scientist and asks lots of questions. After the story, we had a few items for listeners to test their own senses. We tested our sense of vision, trying to find the hiding shape in a color blindness test. We listened to some mystery eggs, guessing what was inside. We found rice, tissue paper, and macaroni when we opened them up. We felt inside the box to guess what was inside like a pine cone or a stuffed animal. And like Ada, we tried to guess the mystery smell – from onions and lemon to mint.

In the upcoming weeks, we will meet Iggy Peck the architect, Rosie Revere the engineer, and Sofia Valdez the future prez. We will build bridges, make helicopters and plan a playground. Look for upcoming storytimes celebrating grandparents day, Johnny Appleseed and some Halloween fun as we move into the fall.