We are both excited and sad to see this school year draw to an end. It has been an amazing journey working with all our students here. We’ve reminded you of Zoom times, even when you didn’t want to go, and helped with homework. We’ve watched friendships bloom and creativity lead you on adventures we couldn’t even plan. We’ve dissected, exploded, painted, and built so many things. We’ve played with oobleck and slime. We’ve made robotics videos. And you have been amazing through it all.

For the final week for most of our students, our president Carlie and vice president Savannah planned a party. They used the funds they earned from the snack shack to provide food and drink and a trip to Rockin’ Jump. The kids had an amazing time bouncing and climbing the rock wall. Rockin’ Jump was a great science experience to end the year, as the force and angle they use on the trampoline have great effect on the direction they end up moving and how high they go.

It’s been a great school year with all of you. We hope to see you as we open back up as a museum, as a visitor, or in our camps, clubs and classes. Even if we don’t see you again, know that you have helped us have an amazing year. We hope you have had fun.