This we began making some projects for Mother’s Day. We started with a simple project combining art and science, then created art and food projects to celebrate mom figures in our lives.

First, we started with diffusion butterflies and flowers. We colored some coffee filters with markers, then sprayed them with water. We watched the colors spread and blend. After they dried, we created butterflies by pinching them in the middle and wrapping a pipe cleaner around them. For a flower, we folded the filter in half and wrapped it around itself before wrapping a pipe cleaner around the end.

We had great fun painting mason jars. We looked at the artwork of Piet Mondrian for inspiration, as his use of simple colors and shapes translates well into stained glass projects for kids. First, we mixed some acrylic paints into clear glue. We used red, blue and yellow to stick with his theme. The students painted rectangles and squares in primary colors. After we allowed it to dry, we used black permanent markers to draw our outlines.

We started with a simple food project, creating a simple yogurt parfait to share with moms. We used vanilla yogurt, fresh berries, honey and granola to create layers in a clear cup. Many of these ingredients were used again in our muffins. We used the single serve muffin recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction as a base. While the students each practiced measuring and mixing their own muffins, we discussed the role flour and baking soda or baking powder play in baking. We added a little water to the flour and watched as it became sticky. We looked at baking soda and baking powder, then added water to both to see the baking powder react. Baking powder has the acid and base together, which means when you add water, you’ll see a reaction. It’s not as big as a vinegar-baking soda reaction, but it provides air bubbles. To assist in the point, we made a few muffins where we replaced or removed an ingredient. My personal favorite was the muffin without flour, but we also left out the baking powder entirely, replaced it with baking soda, used honey instead of sugar, and replaced our yogurt that we were using as our fat with applesauce. Using a double wrapper that included a foil outer shell, meant we could bake in our convection oven without the need for a muffin tin.