Science you can do at home

Have too much leftover Valentine’s Day candy?  Use it for science instead.  Different types of candy will have some fun different effects in water or in the microwave.  While some candies dissolve, others may remain behind or actual swell in water due to osmosis.  Our students were given conversation hearts and gummies, as well as hot water, room temperature water and juice.  They were given the challenge of choosing which combination they thought would dissolve fastest.  We created examples of each to see what would happen as well.  Many students came to the conclusion that conversation hearts in hot water would dissolve fastest, and left us with many colorful cups of water.

Previously, we had fun with candy science breaking chocolate bars so the inside could dissolve while the chocolate shell remained intact.  The gummies in water would swell.  Microwaving candies with air bubbles, like marshmallows and candy bars with nougat can cause them to swell.  Candies like Skittles can cause the insides to melt, leaving behind a hard candy shell.
For more great candy science experiments, try the Candy Experiments books by Loralee Leavitt.