What a great adventure we have been on for the last two years! Five years ago, an idea sprang from the birthday wish of a 5-year-old little boy. Our Board Presidents, Lauren and Chris, took her then 5-year-old son, Mason, and his brother, Leighton, on a trip to a children’s museum. If you have met Mason, a thoughtful, engineer-minded boy and Leighton, a ball of charm and energy, then you know this trip was an adventure for all involved.  

In doing research, Lauren found that a mom started a non-profit museum they were visiting. Lauren, never one to back down from crazy ideas, looked at her husband and asked, “Do you know what I’m thinking?” He replied with, “You’re going to build one of these in Vacaville.” And the rest is history! 

Take a look at some of the pictures we’ve taken over the course of two years. There were many more exciting experiences, so many wonderful people we never got pictures of, but couldn’t have done it without them.